Saturday, September 6, 2008

Horn Worm

Had trouble getting to sleep last night but got at least 9 hours in regardless. After my usual morning ritual, I jumped right in to pouring the next level of rammed earth on my battery house. Started off my fetching another wheel barrow load of clay and another of sand. Only took 3 hours to do this next section. 102 degrees outside by the time I finished.
Took a short break then headed over to Chucks to get 30 cinder blocks. On the way back from this trip I saw my burro buddy with the longhorns and tossed him some carrots. Hope he gets the idea that I'm his buddy. Unloaded the blocks and stacked them,then decided to go ahead and get another load. Finished stacking the second trip by 4:30 PM. Been in need of a shower for the last couple of days so indulged myself. Perfect temperature water and no breeze to chill me out. Nothing like taking a shower in the great outdoors - especially when you really need one.

The last time I got some drinking water at H2O to Go, I met a long time local named George. I could tell he was a native by the requisite number of missing and bad teeth that he had. What ever happened to good oral hygiene anyway? George and I got to talking about gardens and he told me about the horn worm....starts off really small then before you know it - a giant worm with a horn is eating up you whole plant. After my shower tonight I just happened to notice that I now had 3 big horn worms of my own feeding off one of my tomato plants. Nice to know ahead of time what's going on instead of having to ask someone after the fact. The horn is actually on his ass end - the head is near my thumb and it has 10 little legs up front. A very handsome worm I must say, but from what I have read about them - I must have more little ones feeding on my plants. They start out being only about the size of the horn. Lots of eyeball patterns on the body to confuse predators. I reckon the rest of the appendages are suckers to hold on. I relocated them far away from my plant. Will be on the lookout for more as they grow.

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John Baxter said...

Mash them and look for eggs! You know this by now though, lol Who was that sang Texas time travelling machine...James earl or something...heard it when I lived in Katy many moons ago